About Us

Some of our team have been looking after and caring for children for over 20 years locally and nationally. In 2010 Rob visited several slum areas overseas and was marked by what he saw. Wanting to do something about it, he discussed the situation with long time friend Ted Hatzakortzian and together they developed a plan in 2011 that could change the world by developing a green sterile strip fundraiser. The idea took off and the rest as they say is history.

Greenaid was birthed out of a vision to make life better for others. There are many families within our local community and around the world who struggle with extreme circumstances. In developing countries many people are malnourished, drink contaminated water and live in disease-ridden slums. They are unable to receive medical support or education, others become victims of human trafficking.

We wanted to do something about it.

So we joined the fight against poverty to improve as many situations as we possibly could. We wanted to promote justice and provide relief to the poor and distressed. We have done this by going to many of these countries ourselves, where the need has been the greatest, and partnering with various local and specialist organisations.

Since then we have completed a great number of projects that are helping people’s quality of life to improve. We fund and help run rescue centres that protect marginalised children, We build schools so children can gain an education, install water wells and filters for villages so entire communities can have fresh water, free slaves plus much more.

We are excited and passionate about increasing justice, freedom and reversing poverty. Our mission statement is to ‘make life better – locally, nationally and internationally’ and we accomplish this through 8 strategies: Shelter, Water, Freedom, Medical, Food, Celebrations  Education and Opportunity. You will find out more about how we do this by logging on to our projects page on our website.

We are a compact team who punch above our weight to achieve some really awesome results, and we do it with a lot of and laughter and fun along the way!

Rob & Ted on their first trip to India

Our Core Team

The greenaid team share one common denominator; their photo was taken in front of the same green wall, with the same word, better! … Actually make that two common denominators. They share the same desperate passion to change the world & to make life better!

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  • Rob Bradbury has been managing teams and looking after children and families for…
  • Dani is the newest member of the Greenaid team. She is extremely passionate about…
  • Nick has been with the team since 2013 and is a valuable contributor…
  • Sian is a wife, a mum and a primary school teacher.  Her aim…
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Contact Us

Email: info@mygreenaid.co
Call Us: 03 8682 9044
Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm

If you have any further question, just drop us a message through our Socials from below.