Greenaid is a social enterprise that chooses to give 100% of its profits away to making life better. All the money raised from a $3 pack of Green Aid sterile strips that your organisation distributes is used to make the world a better place for individuals and/or families. This is a world first. A healthy way to raise funds for your school that also raises the social consciousness of your students by involving them directly in making the world a better place for all children.

Out of a $3 pack of 20 Greenaid bandaids, the following breakdowns occur:

$1.50 from the sale of each pack goes straight to your organisation’s designated project.

$1.50 goes towards Green Aid Relief projects that assist children and families in need locally, nationally and internationally by building schools, fresh water wells, self sufficient income professions, safe housing, etc. It also goes towards the production of the strips and delivery.

Our products are specially designed to make it easy to raise funds. People will appreciate being able to help your school or organisation by buying fundraising products that are better for their health and good for the community.

We work with people and organisations such as:

• Primary schools
• Secondary schools
• Kindergartens
• Preschools
• Childcare centres
• Charities
• Community groups
• Sporting groups and clubs
• Businesses and workplaces
• Individuals raising money for a cause or charity


Our Products


Bandaids can be cool! they create conversations and draw sympathy, “Oh are you OK?” Then you answer, “um yeah… I’m getting there”.

It’s genius! Plus the bright colour instantly draws attention and the message of ‘better’ starts fun or deeper conversations. Changed, spirited people have been sticking/pasting the message of ‘better’ to themselves for years and it is catching on.

These strips are so cool you will be hoping for a paper cut!

How it Works

These sterile, individually sealed designer strips will help you stay prepared for any emergencies that may arise. Keep a few in the cupboard or your purse for the next time you get a paper cut, or use them to cover up stiletto-induced blisters on your feet. Unlike traditional beige bandaids, you won’t mind showing these little guys off.


How to Use

To cover up life’s little boo boos:

1 Peel open the wrapping

2 Remove the adhesive backing.

3 Stick the strip over your cut, scrape, or scratch.

4 Now sit back in the knowledge that your boo boo is covered and you are changing the world!

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