The problem is enormous

Last time we checked there were still 27 million slaves in the world, massive water and food shortages, lack of schools and so much more. Another force fighting for social justice means freedom for more people. Helping us means helping more people.


We are transparent

Our team is entirely made up of volunteers, genuine people who want to change the world. This means we don’t have heavy administration costs that can result in less dollars going to needy people.

We are an authentic movement who only want make life better.


We prove it

It is essential in aid work to be transparent with results and reporting. All of our projects are completed with trusted partners whom we have built relationships with and who have undergone quality assurance inspections and tests. Greenaid operate with in depth reporting systems including GPS Coordinates, photos and videos to prove that when good hearted people, like you, give, it goes exactly where it is expected to go. #googlemaps #papertrail


Quick & responsive

Our team are crazy agile on follow up because they know two things. One, the cause is crucial and two, your time is precious. If you contact our team you can be sure of a speedy reply answering your question or providing help. Think Cathy Freeman on rollerskates.


Easy simple to use

Lets be honest, no one wants to run a fundraiser that eats up all your time and leaves you feeling bler! Our fundraisers are really easy to run and help kids to think beyond themselves. Our fundraiser connects them with a cause and inspires them to make life better.

There are only a few steps and you could be running a fundraiser at your school really soon. Click here. Alternatively, you can help people via our online Greenstore. #shoudntberocketsciencetouseafundraiser


We are fast!

Because we work with local on the ground partners we can get help to needy people quickly! Very often we can arrange for your project to be up and running within a matter of days. That’s called lickety split speed!


Unbiased recommendations

We have a collection of impartial references who have already used Greenaid as a fundraiser, OK there is one in there from my mum but that’s the only one* Their comments show we do what we say we do, perhaps you could be our next endorser? :)

* There isn’t really one in there from my Mum.



Life volunteering or helping others creates a higher life satisfaction. We make it easy for everyday people to make an impact in the world, you feel good and they feel better. Give it a try and if you don’t agree that you feel warm and fuzzy, we will send you a a dry chilli to chew on in order to mimic the sensation*

*We wont really send you a chilli, we are just trying to make you smile.


And there you have it! 8 fantastic reasons to partner with Greenaid.